Senior Services Franchises: Business + Community Service All in One

Aug 10, 2023


Americans are aging quickly. Seventeen percent of the U.S. population is over 65, and experts predict that by 2040 there will be more than 80.8. million senior citizens in the country. Anyone interested in a lucrative career that allows them to help others and serve their community should consider senior services franchises. These types of businesses offer so much more than most profit-only-oriented companies.

The Stats to Support a Senior Services Franchise

Although most seniors want to stay in their own homes, the sad reality is that they will not be able to due to physical or mental limitations brought on by age. Typically, placing a parent in a facility falls to the children. Most need to figure out where to begin. Thankfully, Prime Senior Placement can help.

Right now, roughly 1.2 million Americans live in nursing homes. Another 810,000 live in assisted living facilities. About 70% of people who live to age 65 will require long-term care for the rest of their lives. The senior services franchise business is growing rapidly due to these figures. By 2040, the United States will need 1 million more senior living units.

Senior Services Franchise Requirements

According to the International Franchise Association, it costs $250,000 to purchase a franchise (excluding real estate) on average. The initial startup costs are one of the most essential requirements when opening a franchise. Within senior services franchises, Prime Senior Placement (PSP) offers a much lower price point to open your own lucrative business.

For example, the initial fees include:

● Initial Franchise Fee – $30,000
● First-Year Capital – $10,000
● Office Expenses – $3,000
● Insurance – $2,000
● Total Startup Costs – $45,000

You will also have to budget for ongoing royalty fees.

Along with startup fees, other requirements include a passion for the brand, a desire to help people and positively impact your community. It’s helpful if you have a business or client relations background because you will be speaking with many families when helping them find the perfect placement for their loved ones.

Senior Service Franchises – The Benefits

One of the best things about senior services franchises is that there are so many benefits. Prime Senior Placement is one of the most affordable franchise options and allows you to help others in a major way.

You get to offer your clients (families) an invaluable free service by getting to know them, gathering information, evaluating their needs, and helping them find the perfect solution for their aging parents. During the process, you make these clients feel safe, secure, and confident about their decision.

Additionally, you contribute to your community by matching residents with facilities. You begin to bridge the gap between supply and demand and help assisted living and nursing care companies find new patients.

Not all senior services franchises are created equal. For example, Prime Senior Placement offers the following list of benefits:

● Impeccable Training that prepares you for success.
● Accelerated Business Start-Up and the opportunity for year-one profitability.
● Fixed Royalty Rates that keep money in your pocket.
● Higher-Than-Average Profit Potential, a business model that allows for higher-than-average profits.
● Access to Company Ownership, each of whom is committed to the success of your business.
● Larger Than Average franchise territories.
● Easy to Execute Business Model in an increasingly growing market segment.
● Opportunity to Serve Your Community and be profitable doing it.
● Ongoing Support from business leaders who have worked in this business.
● No Staff Necessary – Some owners won’t ever need staff, and some can own a PSP franchise while keeping their current job.

Senior services franchises offer a lot of potential for profits and humanitarian efforts.

How to Start Your Own Senior Managed Care Facility Placement Business

Prime Senior Placement is an excellent place to start if you are interested in senior services franchises. Starting your own business may be quicker and easier than you thought. The steps to start your franchise include the following:

1. Initial Call – Contact us to start the process.
2. Complete our questionnaire.
3. Business Overview Discussion.
4. Receive our franchise disclosure document.
5. Contact a current owner to ask about their experience.
6. Decide upon your final territory.
7. Determine whether a PSP franchise is a good fit.
8. Get approved and start moving forward with your new career.

Prime Senior Placement: An Affordable, Profitable Senior Services Franchise

Senior services franchises are profitable business opportunities with a lot of growth potential. Prime Senior Placement prides itself on being the best of its kind.

Offering low overhead, high-profit potential, and ultimate flexibility makes Prime Senior Placement a good investment opportunity. Contact us today to learn more about how to own your own business and make a difference in the lives of others.


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