Senior Housing Business: Capitalize on the Prime Opportunity with These 5 Compelling Reasons to Invest Now

Aug 10, 2023


Roughly 55.8 million adults in the U.S. are 65 or older. As Americans age, that figure grows; by 2040, about 22% of the nation will be senior citizens. Most children of aging parents will eventually have to decide where to place mom and dad to get the help they need. That’s where a senior housing business comes in. Let’s explore why now is the best time to invest in a senior housing business.


1 – Growing Population/Business

The numbers tell the story of an aging American population.

  • About 1.2 million Americans live in nursing homes.
  • More than 810,000 Americans live in assisted living facilities.
  • 70% of people who live to 65 will need long-term care in their lifetime.
  • By 2030, it is projected that there will be more than 73.1 million adults ages 65 or older.
  • The U.S. will need nearly 1 million new senior living units by 2040.

As more adults graduate into senior status, they may need help with daily tasks, medications, and other aspects of life. Often, working children cannot take care of their parents. Therefore, they need to find the proper housing situation that will care for their loved ones as they would. However, that decision can be emotional and scary. How do you tell whether your parent needs an independent living situation, assisted living, or nursing home?

Prime Senior Placement (PSP) offers these services to families nationwide at no cost to the client. The senior care business is steadily growing, and the ability to help families in their time of need is rewarding.


2 – Senior Housing Business: Unlocking Profitability with Affordable Start-Up Costs

Many franchise operations require significant initial investments making them out of reach for many people. Prime Senior Placement offers a great franchise opportunity with low start-up costs, fixed royalty fees, and flexibility.

Although every franchise situation may differ based on various factors, with Prime Senior Placement, you can expect the following investment costs:

  • Initial Franchise Fee $30,000
  • First-Year Capital $10,000
  • Office Expenses $3,000
  • Insurance $2,000
  • Total Startup Costs $45,000You will also need to factor in an ongoing fixed-rate royalty fee.


3 – Flexible Schedule/Work-From-Home

Unlike most franchise opportunities, a senior housing business with PSP allows you to work from home on your schedule. You don’t even need to hire any staff. Along with being one of the most affordable franchise opportunities, Prime Senior Placement allows you to custom-fit your business around your schedule.


4 – Senior Housing Business: Empowering Success through Comprehensive Training and Expansive Territories

Starting your own senior housing business can be exciting but also scary. Rest assured that with Prime Senior Placement, you get extensive training and ongoing support to be up and running quickly and confidently. You are never alone.

The company provides franchisees with 4-5 training days in our home office in Birmingham, Alabama. Training and support consist of classroom hours and field training from highly experienced Prime Senior Placement team members.

We have large territories available, probably one in your local area available, right now.


5 – Senior Housing Business: Embrace a Fulfilling Career Opportunity in the Growing Senior Care Industry

Based on a growth-oriented and lucrative franchise model, Prime Senior Placement allows business owners to engage in a rewarding career opportunity. Every day you get to help people and guide them toward the perfect senior placement that fits their needs. Prime Senior Placement aims to make each client and their loved ones feel confident and secure.

The senior housing business consists of sitting down with your clients and asking questions about their specific situations to determine their needs. You will learn about any personal, physical, or emotional concerns you must consider when finding proper housing. Using your extensive knowledge of the senior housing business industry and your local community, you can present your clients with options that meet their needs.

Get Started with Your Senior Housing Business Today

If you are interested in owning your own senior concierge business, now is the time.

Below are the steps for franchising your own senior housing business with Prime Senior Placement.


  1. Initial Call – Contact us to hear more about the opportunity and receive our franchising package with all the details.
  2. Questionnaire – Complete our questionnaire to see if you are a good match for our franchising program.
  3. Business Overview – Attend the business overview discussion and ask any questions.
  4. Franchise Disclosure Document – Review our FDD and ask any additional questions.
  5. Contact Current Owner – Contact a current owner and ask about their experience working with PSP.
  6. Final Territory Determination – Select your territory, and if it is available, claim it.
  7. Fit Determination – Undergo a final review to determine if PSP fits you.
  8. Final Approval – Approved! Start your franchise.

How to identify the Optimal Senior Housing Business for Savvy Investors?



In the dynamic landscape of senior housing investment, discerning the perfect opportunity requires a keen understanding of the market’s nuances. For astute investors, navigating this realm means more than just financial gains; it’s about providing a haven where seniors can thrive. To identify the optimal senior housing business, one must meticulously analyze factors such as location suitability, facility amenities, cost-effective operations, and a proven track record of quality care. It’s the fusion of financial acumen and a commitment to enhancing the lives of seniors that leads to the truly rewarding investment in this burgeoning industry.


Discovering the ideal senior housing business demands a strategic blend of market acumen and a genuine dedication to enhancing seniors’ lives. Through meticulous assessment of key factors, including location, amenities, operational efficiency, and quality of care, savvy investors can unearth both financial prosperity and a meaningful legacy in this thriving industry.


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